What’s Lotus Hiding With This Mystery Car?


We don’t hear much from Lotus these days, but based off new teasers released this week, it appears the British sportscar manufacturer is preparing to a launch a new model.

Knowing Lotus, these teasers don’t signal the arrival of an all-new model, but rather a version of one of its existing cars. We’re wagering this is a high-performance or special edition version of the Evora, as the cutaway in the rear bumper is located in the same spot as the standard Evora 400’s rear vents. The wheels also look similar to those offered on certain versions of the Evora and the location and shape of the fender and hood vents also give us Evora vibes.

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If we had to guess, we’d say this teaser is for the Lotus Evora roadster. The automaker has already confirmed a roofless version of its larger mid-engine offering will arrive this year, so it seems most likely that’s what we’re looking at. However, Lotus has also been known to drop random special edition versions of its cars offering different levels of performance to appeal to different types of buyers, so it could also be another hardtop take on the Evora.

We’ll have more info on this mystery Lotus once it becomes available.

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