BMW M3 and M4 to Lose Carbon Driveshaft for 2018 Model Year

Michael Accardi
by Michael Accardi

Starting in November 2017 the M3 sedan and M4 coupe and convertible will no longer come equipped with a carbon fiber driveshaft.

The carbon reinforced plastic unit will be replaced with an M specific high-performance shaft made from steel instead. The reasoning behind the switch is meeting future emissions requirements in most major markets.

It may sound odd that BMW would switch from a lighter, carbon driveshaft to one made from steel in the name of fuel economy but it’s not that simple. The new steel unit will have a smaller diameter than the carbon one, freeing up valuable space for a new petrol particulate filter (PPF) which will soon be required in key jurisdictions.

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Media Relations Manager for the M brand, Benjamin Titz, told Bimmerfest “we have to create space for the PPF which will be incorporated into the existing installation space in the M3/M4 models in major markets.

“The installation space needed for the PPF requires the driveshaft to have a smaller diameter. The newly developed steel driveshaft fulfils this requirement.”

This switch does not apply to either the BMW M4 CS or GTS which will retain their CFRP shafts.

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