Ferrari Wants to Invent a New Vehicle Segment With its Crossover

Ferrari Wants to Invent a New Vehicle Segment With its Crossover

More information has surfaced on the supposed Ferrari crossover, which according to a recent report won’t be a crossover or SUV, but will instead occupy a new vehicle segment altogether.

A number of sources close to the matter told Automotive News the controversial vehicle is being referred to internally as the ‘Ferrari Utility Vehicle’. It’s not clear if it would have two or four doors, but it would apparently be a four-seat vehicle that offers more space than the GTC4Lusso. Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne had objections to making a true crossover or SUV, so instead, the automaker is looking to invent a new vehicle segment with the more practical Prancing Horse.

Marchionne is hoping to boost Ferrari’s profit margins and sell up to 10,000 cars a year. It currently moves about 7,000 units annually and the ‘Utility Vehicle’ could account for up to 2,000 sales a year in China alone. The automaker risks damaging its exclusive image in boosting annual sales and bringing a spacious family car to market, but it could circumvent such a scenario by rolling out highly exclusive models at the same time, like a successor to the LaFerrari.

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Ferrari faithful can put their pitchforks down for now. A final decision on the vehicle has yet to be made and if it were to arrive, we wouldn’t see it until at least 2021. In the meantime, we’re sure Ferrari will be keeping a close eye on the market performance and consumer reaction to arch rival Lamborghini’s Urus crossover, which is set for a debut sometime later this year before going on sale in early 2018.

[Source: Automotive News]

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