Jeremy Clarkson's Pneumonia Very Nearly Killed Him

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

The Grand Tour’s Jeremy Clarkson was recently hospitalized with pneumonia and has now revealed the sickness put him “on death’s door.”

In his most recent column for The Sunday Times, Clarkson told the tale of how he came down with the sickness. Clarkson, a long time smoker, was in Mallorca, Spain when he began to feel ill. After spending three days bed ridden he decided to go see a doctor, who informed him that he’d have to be admitted to the hospital for at least a week. As you probably know, Clarkson is a very busy man, so he scoffed at the idea of staying in a Spanish hospital for seven days. That’s when the doctor let him know how serious his case was.

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Clarkson’s bodily levels of CRP (that stands for C-reactive protein, which are an indication of your body’s inflammation levels) were dangerously high, the doctor explained. Whereas your average human’s CRP sits at around five, Clarkson’s was at 335. “If you don’t do as I say,” the doctor told the TV presenter, “you will die.” Clarkson may be reckless, but those are the kind of words that will settle even the most unhinged of human beings. He decided to stay in the hospital.

Thankfully Clarkson’s condition improved in the hospital and he was later released (though not before nearly dying of boredom). He’s now recovering at home and itching to get back to work, telling Time he’s “never had one day off work since I started in 1978.” With Hammond recovering from injuries related to his Rimac crash, James May is now the only member of The Grand Tour team able to show up to work. That’s less than ideal, evidently.

It’s not clear when the second season of The Grand Tour will debut, but it’s expected to show up on Amazon Prime in mid-to-late November.

[Source: The Sunday Times]

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