A Hyperloop Pod Has Now Gone Over 200 MPH

A Hyperloop Pod Has Now Gone Over 200 MPH

It might not have been Elon Musk’s Hyperloop One, but we’re still mighty impressed by a recent 200 mph hyperloop run by a team of university students.

At the second annual SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition, over 700 members of 25 teams from around the world showed up to demonstrate their latest pods. The competition was held at the SpaceX headquarters and the winning team were students from the Technical University of Munich who formed the WARR Hyperloop team. The team’s pod reached 201 mph (324 km/h) in its test run, the possibilities of the technology.

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It’s worth noting that this actual Hyperloop pod isn’t the creation of Tesla CEO Elon Musk or his employees. Musk plans on developing his own hyperloop with SpaceX, and believes it might even be possible to go supersonic in the 0.8-mile test Hyperloop tube. He also wanted to iterate that high acceleration is only needed because the test tube is short, and in reality for passenger transport, the acceleration would be spread over 20-plus miles, so no one will be spilling their drinks.

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