Pennzoil Takes a Drag Car Out for Some Drifting

As promised in Pennzoil’s last video, the company has decided to exorcise the Dodge Demon.

In April, Pennzoil bid farewell to the Dodge Viper with an epic video that featured a short teaser at the end suggesting the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon would be the star of its next video. Now that video has arrived, with Pennzoil taking the 840-horsepower Demon sideways through the streets of Pittsburgh. Behind the wheel for the sideways action is none other than Rhys Millen, who in the past professionally competed in the Formula Drift series in the U.S.

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Considering the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has been mostly marketed as a drag car, even though it’s technically banned from NHRA tracks for not having a roll cage, it’s fun to see the sports car going sideways and ripping donuts after popping a wheelie.

So what’s next for Pennzoil and its epic videos? It looks like we’ll be heading to the Nurburgring next.

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