The Upcoming Jeep Pickup Truck Finally has a Name


Screenshots from FCA’s dealer system have leaked more information, this time showing details on the upcoming Jeep pickup truck, confirming the name to be Scrambler.

Rumors have been flying fast and furious about the upcoming JL Wrangler, with speculation and spy pictures bounding around the internet. Now, thanks to the power of the almighty screenshot, we have what appears to be some details of the JT Scrambler. That’s right; the Jeep faithful will finally get a new pickup.

The members over at have posted screenshots of what certainly appears to be details of the new model from FCA’s dealer systems. The shots show a single engine option: the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel with start/stop technology. However, this could be simply be due to an incomplete upload of information to the FCA dealer system. It would be exceedingly odd for the Pentastar V6 or turbocharged inline-four not to be available, at least down the road.

Transmissions are not mentioned but the powertrain is seemingly connected to a Dana 12-bolt rear, which is an upgrade versus the eight-bolt Dana 44 found on current Jeeps. It could very well be a Dana 60. This new hardware will surely yield stout payload capacities.

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Screenshots also show a variety of tops will be available, including two hardtops (body-color and black) and a Sunrider softtop. This will make the new Scrambler the first convertible pickup from FCA since the rarer-than-hen’s-teeth Dakota convertible, not counting those created with a ripsaw and shadetree ingenuity.

Not content to stick solely with screenshots, the folks at have also posted CAD images of an alleged JT Scrambler frame. When compared with the frame of a JK Wrangler Unlimited, the JT’s frame has a vastly different shape, scuppering any speculation that the Scrambler will simply be a Wrangler Unlimited with an open cargo area.

The forum also notes a JT frame length of 205 inches, a vast 33-inches longer than a frame found on the JKU. For perspective, consider that a Crew Cab Colorado with a short box is but 212.7 inches in total length. This Jeep will not be a small pickup.

This author sincerely hopes FCA retains the Scrambler name for production, a fantastic throwback to the CJ-8 Scrambler, a long wheelbase version of the CJ-7. Until it arrives, there is always the AEV Brute Double Cab.

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