Top 10 Most Loved Automakers on Social Media: 2017

Top 10 Most Loved Automakers on Social Media: 2017

A study has been released revealing the top 100 most loved brands on social media.

The NetBase Brand Passion Report: Top 100 Global Brands Love List takes a close look at the brands consumers express the most love for on social media. The third annual report examined more than 367 million social media mentions and this year and NetBase found consumers are increasingly vocal about their favorite brands, with an increase of more than 40 percent in brand love via social media compared to last year.

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Here are the top 10 most loved car brands on social media:

10. Porsche

porsche instagram page

In this year’s study, Porsche ranked 57th overall and had a total of 791,965 mentions.

9. Ferrari

ferrari instagram page

As prestigious as Ferrari is, it didn’t even crack the top 5 most loved automakers on social media. The Italian automaker ranked 53rd overall with 875,782 mentions.

8. Audi

audi instagram page

Audi ranked 50th overall among all brands in this year’s study with 920,184 mentions.

7. Nissan

nissan instagram page

Not far ahead of Audi is Nissan, which came in 49th place overall. The Japanese automaker had 946,270 mentions.

6. Mercedes-Benz

mercedes-benz instagram page

Beating out its German rival Audi, Mercedes-Benz ranked 35th among all brands. The company had 1,275,495 mentions on social media.

5. Honda

honda instagram page

Honda may have gotten a bit of a boost thanks to the new Civic and Civic Type R. The Japanese automaker ranked 33rd overall with 1,316,413 mentions.

4. Toyota

toyota instagram page

Toyota manages to stay ahead of rival Honda when it comes to love on social media and was ranked 32nd overall with 1,371,206 mentions.

3. BMW

bmw instagram page

Of all the German automakers, BMW tops the list while being ranked 31st overall with 1,386,438 mentions.

2. Tesla

tesla instagram page

This is the first year Tesla has made the Love List. According to NetBase, the American automaker, which ranked 28th overall, “has experienced an outpouring of love for its brand and cars, including the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3.” Tesla had 1,536,672 mentions.

1. Ford

ford instagram page

The most loved automaker on this year’s Love List is Ford, which ranked 19th overall. The American automaker had 1,781,391 mentions and finished ahead of well-known brands such as LEGO, Starbucks, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Google, and Pepsi.