Tupac’s Hummer Sells for $206K on its Second Auction

This is the second time Tupac Shakur’s Hummer has gone to auction, but hopefully this time the winning bidder actually pays.

Last year, Shakur’s old Hummer crossed the auction block selling for $337,144, but the winning bidder defaulted on payment. Since RR Auction was unable to collect on the vehicle, it crossed the auction block again and this time, it sold for $206,531. That’s quite a bit more than the estimate of around $100,000 that the auction house expected.

The Hummer H1 was the last vehicle Shakur would purchase in his lifetime on August 16, 1996, a little less than a month before his death. The fully loaded model was customized by the late rapper with modifications like off-road lights, a 360-degree spotlight, grille guard, diamond-plate bumpers, off-road wheels and tires, and more. It’s powered by a 6.5-liter turbo-diesel V8 engine and has just 10,101 miles on the odometer.

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According to Boston-based RR Auction, the winning bid came from a businessman in Baltimore who wishes to remain anonymous.

“It’s an incredible piece of hip-hop history, and we are thrilled to have played a role in helping to find its new home,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction. “Accompanied by incredible provenance and purchased a month before his death, the vehicle will no doubt only continue to go up in value.”

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