Ford has Patented a Couple of Unique Storage Solutions

Ford has filed patent applications for a couple of innovative storage solutions. 

The first patent, and the more conventional of the two, is for a mailslot-style void that could hold a smartphone or other similarly shaped objects. It features two rubber retainers, which would hold the object in place when the vehicle is in motion. Its location in the center of the dash would make it a convenient and safe spot to hold your smartphone and would free up space in the center console or cup holders, where many drivers typically keep their mobile device.

The second patent is a little zanier. It’s for a glove box with a hinged lid and a deployable lower section that can double as a tray table. The tray table can be fully extended if you want to eat a meal, or partially extended to support a tablet upright. It’s a neat idea and could prove to be pretty useful, but it looks as though you’d have to empty the glove box in order to use the tray table. This would be less of a problem you don’t typically store insurance, papers, change and other articles in the glovebox, however.

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These patents are just two of many unique interior design patents Ford has filed recently. The American automaker has filed patents for self-disinfecting door handles, self-levelling cup holders, removable steering wheel and pedals for autonomous cars and a steering wheel-mounted gear selector, among more. There’s certainly some creative minds working in interior design over in Dearborn.

[Source: USPTO]