Upcoming Honda CR-V Hybrid Previewed

The Honda CR-V Hybrid Prototype debuts officially next week but the Japanese automaker has shared some information early.

Set to be unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Honda CR-V Hybrid Prototype will preview the automaker’s first electrified SUV powertrain available in Europe, and also represents the first time the all-new CR-V has been shown in Europe. Powering the hybrid is a two-motor Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) system featuring a 2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder Atkinson cycle gasoline engine paired to an electric propulsion motor. The system also has a separate electric motor generator. According to Honda, the i-MMD system will automatically determine how to use fuel and electrical energy in the most efficient way.

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show Coverage

That means there’s no requirement for the driver to adjust between the three driving modes, although the option is there. The Honda CR-V Hybrid Prototype will have an EV Drive mode that makes the CR-V operate on electric power alone, while in Hybrid Drive the crossover’s gasoline engine supplies power to the electric generator motor, which then delivers power to the electric propulsion motor. Honda says while in Hybrid Drive, excess power from the gasoline engine is diverted back through the generator motor to recharge the battery pack.

The third driving mode is Engine Drive, where the wheels are directly driven by the gasoline engine. The electric propulsion motor, however, can provide an on-demand peak power boost.

There’s no word yet on whether the Honda CR-V Hybrid will make it to North America as a production model, but it makes a lot of sense seeing as the Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is sold on our shores.

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