Ken Block Rips up Pikes Peak in His 1400 HP Mustang in ‘Climbkhana’


The next-generation of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series of viral videos is here.

Block officially dropped his ‘Climbkhana’ video today, a Gymkhana-style video of him thrashing the legendary Pikes Peak hillclimb course. The video features Block’s newly modified Ford Mustang Hoonicorn V2, which is just like the standard Hoonicorn, save for a new twin-turbocharged, 1,400 horsepower V8 engine. The insane drift machine is also methanol injected for that extra dose of power and rides on Toyo’s new R88R semi-slick tires. The huge amount of extra power was needed to compensate for the thin air that resides toward the top of the Pikes Peak mountain.

“This car is insane,” said Block. “I feel it genuinely wants to kill me! Before we added the twin turbos, it was the most fun car I’ve ever driven. Now it’s still quite fun to drive, but it melts tires ridiculously quick. To have this thing be such a beast and then take it to this very dangerous mountain, well, I thought I’d maybe finally taken on a project that might be too much for me to handle. This is the most powerful AWD-type car in the world to be driven this way, so I’m genuinely glad I didn’t die making this video!”

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Block is the first person to have the full Pikes Peak hill climb course closed down for his personal use. The public road actually had to be shut down on multiple occasions, with Block and the Hoonigan team having to return to the mountain three separate times over the course of 12 months due to weather and development issues. The shoot required quite the team, with Hoonigan media owner Brian Scotto directing and eight-time Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Champion and Radical Media Director Jeff Zwart lending his expertise as well.

“I have raced at Pikes Peak for 16 years and through the years I thought I had seen everything, but to witness Ken’s skills on basically my home mountain and get to direct him at the same time, it was truly something amazing,” said co-director Jeff Zwart. “Nothing but respect for him and his whole team, both on the racing side and production side!”

Check out the first-ever Climbkhana embedded above.

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