A New Special Edition Lamborghini is Coming Soon

Lamborghini has revealed it will soon present a new special-edition model that follows in the footsteps of cars like the Lamborghini Centenario and Veneno. 

The new special edition model, whose existence was recently made public by Lamborghini’s R&D boss Maurizio Reggiani, will usher in new technology for the brand. Similar to the Centenario, which debuted Lamborghini’s rear-wheel steering system that later appeared in the series production Aventador S, this yet-to-be named special edition will feature new tech that will eventually trickle down through Lamborghini’s portfolio.

“Soon we will present to our most important customers a new version of what we call a one-off,” Reggiani told “For us a one-off is a small number of cars where we make scouting of a new design trend, like we did with the Centenario and not only that, we introduce some new technology.”

“It was also the case with the Centenario where we revealed rear-wheel steering that came into production [on the Aventador S]. We will announce it with our loyal customers that wait for this, we don’t need to do more, we arrive at the motor show and the production is already sold out.”

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If we had to wager a guess, we’d say the “new technology” Reggiani is referring to will be a hybrid powertrain. We have yet to see the automaker marry hybrid tech with its 5.2-liter V10 or 6.5-liter V12 engines, and with many other supercar manufacturers putting their eggs in the hybrid performance basket, the clock is ticking for Lamborghini to do the same. Its arch rivals over at Ferrari are set to introduce series production hybrid cars from 2019 onward, so the timing is right for Lambo to go partially electric.

We’re expecting to see the next limited-run Lambo appear in the coming months – perhaps at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. Lamborghini is also showing its Urus SUV during a special event in Sant’ Agata, Italy on December 4th, so it’s also possible it will show the supercar at that time. If you were a fan of other Lamborghini special editions like the Veneno, Reventon, Sesto Elemento and Concept J, now’s when you start to get excited.

[Source: CarAdvice]