One of the Nurburgring Record Attempt Viper ACRs Has Crashed


The team attempting to set a Nurburgring lap record with two Dodge Viper ACRs has crashed one of the cars following a tire failure.

According to a Facebook post on the official page for the record attempt, driver Lance Arnold had set a lap time of 7:01.3 in the Viper ACR on his first lap in the car. Things were looking good for the team, but it all went awry on Arnold’s second attempt. Whilst taking a corner at about 160 mph, the ACR’s left front tire failed. Arnold nearly saved it and just barely brushed the guardrail on the left, but then shot across the track and hit the right side guardrail. The impact was significant – heavily damaging the front right of the car and setting off the airbag.

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This is certainly not how the Texan ‘Ring record attempt team wanted their trip to Germany to end. Making the situation even harder was that Arnold had expressed confidence the ACR could crack the 7-minute mark and may even be able to best a time of 6:57. Both Dominik and Mario Farnbacher, who had piloted the car during earlier record attempts but were busy racing this weekend, also expressed confidence that the ACR was “a mid 6:50’s car.” The team brought two ACRs along for situations just like this, but the first car was put out of commission after the drain plug for the differential fell out, leaking fluid onto the track and destroying the diff.

The team says they will eventually post a video of the lap and the accident. This is definitely a disappointing end to this endeavor, but who knows, maybe the Viper Exchange team will return to the aptly named Green Hell one day soon.

[Image Source: Bridge to Gantry]