Patents Show Dallara’s Funky Road Car in Multiple Forms

We knew Dallara’s sharp-looking new road car was on the way after spy shots surfaced this year, but patents discovered by Autoguide have revealed some more details on the Italian outfit’s first road legal machine. 

Dallara is known and respected name in the world of motorsport. It’s currently responsible for manufacturing both the Haas F1 Team’s chassis and the DW12 chassis for the IndyCar series, among much more, so the company’s first road car definitely has some promise. These patents confirm it will be called the Stradale and will be available in a variety of body styles. It looks as though there will be a roofless a version, a version with a windscreen, a version with a windscreen and a roll-cage style roof beam and a version with a canopy. All of the body styles will be available with or without a large rear wing.

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An Autocar report indicated the Stradale will have a 400 horsepower 2.3-liter turbocharged engine, perhaps sourced from Ford, and will weigh around 800 kg. It will compete with other track-day specials such as the KTM X-Bow, but looks to be a bit more suited to driving on public roads than the KTM. Dallara will be able to pump out around 120 cars a year and there’s no concrete word yet on cost. It will apparently cost more than a X-Bow, which starts at $88,000 in the US.

The patents were filed with the European Intellectual Property Office August 31st, so the Stradale looks to be for Europe only. It doesn’t seem as though Dallara would bother selling its little track day road car in the U.S., but we would sure like to see it happen.

[Source: EUIPO]