Poll: Honda Odyssey or Honda Pilot?

Poll: Honda Odyssey or Honda Pilot?

Today’s poll is all about family rivalries as we pit sibling against sibling. Which vehicle will come out the favorite? That’s your job to decide! 

So, which family-friendly vehicle would YOU rather own, the Honda Odyssey minivan or this brand’s Pilot crossover? Both offer plenty of room, generous seating capacity and respectable fuel economy.

The sole engine offered in these vehicles is a 3.5-liter V6 that delivers 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. Fuel is delivered directly to each cylinder’s combustion chamber via a fancy direct-injection system while Honda’s VTEC system controls the valves for enhanced performance and efficiency.

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Where their drivetrains differ is aft of the engine’s bellhousing. Pilots make do with a standard six-speed automatic transmission, with an available nine-ratio unit in higher-trim models. The Odyssey comes standard with a niner, but Touring and Elite variants feature a 10-speed automatic.

One advantage for the Pilot is available all-wheel drive with Intelligent Traction Management, which is ideal for a variety of difficult situations. Countering this, the Odyssey offers roughly 150 cubic feet of maximum cargo space, far more than the 84 mustered by its sibling.

As for pricing, both these vehicles are similarly affordable. The Pilot starts around $31,000, give or take a few bucks, while the Odyssey kicks off at about 30 grand.

Which of these versatile Hondas do YOU prefer? Which one would YOU rather own? Well, compare them here for even more information and make sure to vote in our poll!

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