The Tesla Model S Will Get More Expensive Next Week

The current base model Tesla Model S will soon be discontinued.

The move has been expected with the introduction of the Model 3, but now Tesla has confirmed to Electrek the rear-wheel-drive Model S 75 will be axed September 24. Currently, the entry-level Model S starts from $70,700 including destination, but once it’s gone that means the Tesla Model S 75D becomes the base model with a starting price of $75,700. That is, however, assuming Tesla doesn’t change the price of the 75D.

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Electrek says potential customers have until Sunday to custom order the Model S 75 before it becomes unavailable, and the American automaker is producing more inventory units with the configuration so that customers have the option to buy the vehicle and take delivery throughout the fourth quarter. But once Tesla sells out its inventory of Model S 75 units, it will officially be gone from the lineup.

[Source: Electrek]

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