Toyota C-HR Hy-Power Concept Promises More Performance

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

The Toyota C-HR Hy-Power concept may look bold, with its 20-inch wheels, matte “Dark Carbon Silver” paint and contrasting accents in both gloss black and orange, but what really counts with this design study is underneath all that finery.

This vehicle’s electrified drivetrain provides more power than the 122 PS available in today’s C-HR Hybrid, though we have no idea what that actually means because Toyota hasn’t told us, though more information should be released on this subject early next year.

In any event, the “capital T” is planning on offering more performance-oriented hybrids going forward, and the C-HR it sounds like could be the first to gain one of these optional drivetrains.

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Built on the brand’s TNGA architecture, the C-HR Hy-Power Concept actually shares the exact same sheet metal as the production version even though this design study was created in Toyota’s ED2 studio in the south of France.

Inside it’s a similar story. The cabin is pretty much the same as you’d get in a C-HR you’d pickup from a dealership, though here there’s a sporty diamond pattern on the seats and more vibrant orange accents.

The C-HR has been a success story for Toyota, particularly in Europe where 75 percent of customers opt for a hybrid version of this vehicle. This undoubtedly gave product planners the inspiration to begin working on an even more powerful version of this gasoline-electric crossover.

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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  • Midi Man Midi Man on Sep 13, 2017

    Looks nice, but no AWD. I would buy a hrv because all wheel drive is better for snow.

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    • Midi Man Midi Man on Sep 25, 2017

      Awd will preform better with stock tires than FWD with better tires. 4 wheels versus 2 wheels. Tires do matter no doubt but if you are going to compete with a HRV all things must be equal. Yes AWD has more maintenance, but it's worth is. I defiantly think Toyota is way behind the times with this engineering. Really shocked actually that Honda is ahead. Toyota brangs to much and should put there product behind there words.

  • Plcc07777 Plcc07777 on Sep 13, 2017

    American Muscle for me. Nothing else will do.