3 Things the BMW X7 Designer Loves About the Concept Car


Matthias Junghanns loves the BMW X7 iPerformance Concept. Although he didn’t design it, he will be responsible for designing the upcoming production model expected sometime in 2018. 

BMW is obviously lacking a full-size luxury SUV and is finally ready to enter that competitive field. The X7 concept may be seen as a brash way to preview BMW’s arrival into that market, but according to Marc Belcourt, Director of Corporate Communications for BMW Group Canada, this car is part of a puzzle of an intricately planned rollout of new luxury cars for the brand. “There is a plan in motion to launch 40 new models with luxury leanings over the next 24 months,” he says.

Although Junghanns is tight-lipped on which parts of the concept’s design will carry over to the production model, here are three things the designer of the upcoming X7 loves about the concept.

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Sophisticated Interior Esthetics


Inside, there is a brown velour-looking material used on the floor mats that sets the tone for the interior’s consistent use of warm colors and textures.

“Even the simple interior trimmings look more luxurious at first sight than expected,” says Junghanns. This is a favorite part of the concept for him — using exquisite cabin materials to project a modern luxury edge without complicating the overall design theme of the interior.

Subtle Exterior Surface Design


Junghanns moves to the exterior and mentions the brushed metallic trim piece extending from the air scoops on the front fender all the way across the doors and onto the connecting edge of the rear bumper. It’s another favorite design cue for him. “The X7 concept’s exterior design is a combination of clean lines with few modern flourishes. The metal trim is a good way to keep that flow of design uninterrupted as we go from the front of the vehicle to the back,” he says.

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Advanced Infotainment Connectivity


Junghanns points to a last favorite bit, the entirely touch-based infotainment and climate control systems. “Communication device technology in this vehicle is designed to be like a second skin to the user. The lack of physical buttons is an insistence to drivers and passengers to connect with the car in a fully interactive way,” he says.

We are counting down the days until we find out how much of the audacious technology and styling of the BMW X7 iPerformance Concept make it onto the final production model, which should debut sometime next year.