2018 Ford Expedition: 9 Smart Features of this Big SUV | The Short List


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The Ford Expedition is hardly the freshest SUV around. Sure, it has a number of useful features, but not necessarily enough to overcome its outdated feel.

Remedying this, the 2018 model will bring myriad innovations to a segment not usually known for change. Perhaps most importantly, this body-on-frame SUV is set to shed around 300 pounds by gaining an aluminum body.

But that’s the most obvious enhancement, the lowest-hanging fruit. There’s much more lurking just beneath the surface. This new 2018 Ford Expedition is chockfull of new features, with engineers making important strides in three key areas: connectivity, comfort, and convenience. Breaking it down further, here are nine things you should know about it.

9. Wi-Fi Hotspot

And we start with electronics. Keeping an entire stable of mobile devices connected is available in-vehicle Wi-Fi. Ford is hardly the first automaker to offer this, but nonetheless, it’s an incredibly handy feature, especially for families. You can look up road trip destinations, watch YouTube videos or even respond to work e-mails while on the go. The new Expedition’s hotspot supports up to 10 devices and has a range of 50 feet.

8. Plug ‘n’ Play

A storage bin below the center stack is equipped with two USB ports and an available wireless charging pad that lets all-new Ford Expedition customers charge their compatible mobile device without the hassle of cords.

Ensuring all those smartphones and tablets are fully juiced, this 2018-model-year SUV has power plugs everywhere including four 12-volt sockets, half a dozen USB ports, a 110-volt household outlet and even a wireless charging pad, Ford’s first implementation of this technology.

7. Rear-Seat Entertainment

Moving on to feature No. 7, keeping the kiddies occupied is an optional dual-screen, rear-seat entertainment system. For maximum flexibility, it can play different DVDs on each screen at the same time or stream content from mobile devices. You can even hook up your favorite console for on-the-go gaming.

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6. First-Class Third-Row

The all-new Ford Expedition is the smartest, most capable and most adaptable Expedition ever, the ultimate full-size SUV to carry families through life’s adventures.

One thing the Expedition’s excelled at for years is passenger comfort. It’s one of the only SUVs available today with a third-row seat that life-sized adults can actually fit in! And this hasn’t changed a bit for 2018. There’s tons of head- and knee-room in steerage, plus the backrests are power adjustable.

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5. Inspired by Chairs

You can thank this rig’s independent rear suspension for providing much of that space. Naturally, the second-row chairs are suitably pampering as well. Engineers paid extra attention to the height of the lower cushions, making them comparable to a chair’s. This helps promote good posture, which can reduce discomfort on long drives.

4. Tip-and-Slide Seats

2018 Ford Expedition

Aside from being long-haul comfortable, the second-row seats have another trick up their sleeve. They tip and slide – even with a child seat in place – providing a generous space for climbing into the third-row. The seat tracks have also been made much lower so you’re less likely to trip over them while clamoring back there.

3. Pushing My Buttons

When it comes to convenience, all the new Ford Expedition’s back seats can be power folded at the push of a button, both the second- and third rows. If you can use a TV remote you can go from human hauling to cargo carrying in just seconds, anytime, anywhere… well, maybe not while from the driver’s seat while cruising down the highway, but you get the drift.

2. Four-by-Eight

The all-new Ford Expedition is the smartest, most capable and most adaptable Expedition ever, the ultimate full-size SUV to carry families through life’s adventures.

And once those backrests are dropped, you’re treated to a generous cargo hold that’s pretty much flat, making it easier to load and position freight. Also, this area of Expedition is wide enough between the wheel-wells to accommodate four-by-eight sheets of building material; the extended-length Max model can even swallow them whole with the hatch closed.

1. Under-Floor Storage

An available advanced cargo manager makes efficient use of space in the rear cargo area. An adjustable shelf lets customers create a storage space that best suits the size and shape of the items they’re hauling.

If that’s not enough, the 2018 Ford Expedition also has hidden, under-floor stowage compartments, perfect for stashing items you’d rather not have exposed to prying eyes, like a purse or jewelry.

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