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October 19, 2017
| On 4 years ago

Buy It! If You Fit Inside

Is an Isetta or a Messerschmitt too mainstream for you?

Microcars are an interesting vehicle segment. Traditionally devised as a way to get around the taxes associated with regular cars, micro cars can sometimes be classified as motorcycles or even mopeds – the latter not requiring a licence to drive in some places, which is the case with this 49cc ACOMA Super Comtesse from 1978. Could you imagine driving around a car like this in the blazing heat of Miami? It’s like a glass box. This is an upgraded model of the Mini-Comtesse, because the Mini didn’t have enough wheels. This features hydraulic brakes (as opposed to cable) and 4 wheels instead of 3. If you’re a young driver and want to follow The Who’s advice to “die before you get old”, this is the car for you. All joking aside, microcar collectors have some pretty eclectic tastes already, and something like this would be a worthy addition to the collection because it’s in very good shape, and I doubt you’ll see another one – they only made 18,000 of them!

Find this weirdo here on Craigslist