Honda Does It Again: Sports EV is Another Stunning, Retro Concept

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

At the Frankfurt Motor Show last month, we all fell head-over-heels in love with Honda’s adorable Urban EV Concept. Anyway, they’re not done wowing us yet because they just unveiled a similar design study at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Looking very much like its retro-inspired hatchback-sibling, the Sports EV concept features matte paint, silky-smooth styling and a low center of gravity, the latter which should provide better handling, assuming, you know, that you could ever actually drive it. The wide stance would help in this department as well.

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Built on a dedicated EV architecture, this thing supposedly features a powerful and refined electric drivetrain that delivers seamless and speedy acceleration, which is sure to paint a smile on the driver’s face. How appropriate the car’s front end appears to be grinning? It’s also interesting the way those B-pillars wrap up along the roof and across the windshield header.

The Sports EV concept also features Honda Automated Network Assistant, which taps into the company’s AI platform. This feature is designed to unite driver and car via seamless communication. Supposedly, this system can learn about a motorist’s behavior by detecting their emotions.

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It’s probably safe to say this company has another winner on its hands. The Sports EV concept is even prettier than the Urban EV model we saw last month. Let’s hope this elegant design language makes it to future production Hondas sooner rather than later. Bring it on!

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Craig Cole
Craig Cole

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