Infiniti is the Latest Automaker to Help Design a Luxury Yacht

Infiniti is the latest automaker to lend its design prowess to the luxury yacht industry. 

Senior vice president of Nissan Global Design and chief creative officer of Infiniti, Alfonso Albaisa, has designed the Motali, a 33-meter three-story luxury yacht. But unlike other automakers that have teamed up to create luxury yachts, the Motali is privately owned by a client in Turkey. In fact, Albaisa was approached to design the yacht in August 1990, during his second year working for Nissan, so this project has been in development for quite some time.

Albaisa is the man behind the design of several Infiniti and Nissan models, including the Infiniti Q60, Q30, Nissan Juke, and the recent Infiniti Prototype 9.

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“Imagine Motali backing into its bay at Monaco,” said Albaisa. “The rear view of this vessel should be like no other. With any yacht, the look and shape are so important. For Motali, it was clear from the beginning that the most important thing was to create something truly beautiful. That’s why I designed it with a bullet-like expression and with romantic tapering at the stern that tumbles inwards, similar to the classic vessels of the 1950s.”

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