Infiniti Teases a SEMA Project with Parts You Can Buy at the Dealership

The Infiniti Q60 Red Alpha Concept will make its debut in the Motovicity Distribution booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Nissan’s luxury arm has had a tough time breaking into the performance market, with the IPL sub-brand failing to ever gain traction in the market. Its vehicles however, more specifically the Q50 and Q60 along with the previous-generation G35 and G37 models, have been popular with the aftermarket. AMS Performance is well-known for its blistering fast Nissan GT-R projects, but has a long history of tuning nearly anything to make it go faster.

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The two brands have collaborated on the Q60 Red Alpha Concept, which promises to deliver a boost in performance with a 19-percent gain in horsepower and 29-percent increase in torque. That should bring the figures of the Q60 Red Sport 400 to around 476 hp and 452 lb-ft of torque. Upgrades on the coupe include Red Alpha intercoolers, Red Alpha intakes with dry media filters, high-flow exhaust downpipes, Red Alpha catback exhaust, proprietary Red Alpha ECU calibration, high-capacity overflow tank, and a high-capacity Red Alpha center heat exchanger. Many of the products found on the Q60 Red Alpha Concept will soon be available for purchase at Infiniti dealerships in North America and through AMS distributors.

“Infiniti has a strong, longstanding reputation in the tuner community, particularly with our lineup of performance coupes and sedans,” said Bob Welby, director, Infiniti chief marketing manager. “With the Q60, we offer a coupe that boasts strong performance on its own while also giving our customers the perfect platform for customizations based on their personal preferences.”

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