Kai Concept Shows Driving and Design Matter at Mazda

Craig Cole
by Craig Cole

Not content stealing the show with its gorgeous Vision Coupe concept, Mazda revealed another heart-stopping design study at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

This blood-red hatchback is the Kai, which is a real beauty from every angle. If you were wondering what the next-generation Mazad3 will look like – and likely other models form the Hiroshima-based car company – this is probably a strong indication. The future is bright, Mazda fans.

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Built on a Skyactiv-Vehicle architecture, this five-door hatchback features a more mature expression of Kodo, the firm’s design theme since 2010. Dripping with elegance, the proportions are more muscular than current Mazdas, with the body taking advantage of light and shadow to create an extra shot of visual interest.

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Theoretically, the Kai should also be quieter, ride more comfortably and offer improved dynamics compared to production Mazdas. But as always, this concept “car” has more in common with a plastic storage tub than a real, salable vehicle. But still, we don’t doubt the company’s intentions, or its vehicle-development capabilities.

Underhood, Kai is motivated by Hiroshima’s groundbreaking new Skyactiv-X engine. In certain driving situations, this powerplant operates on compression ignition, kind of like a diesel, which is the holy grail of gasoline internal-combustion.

While incredibly tricky to manage, compression ignition results in a complete, clean burn and an estimated 20 to 30 percent improvement in fuel economy, which is HUGE. No, really, it’s practically like Mazda engineers found Atlantis or sorted out faster-than-light travel. Hopefully this powerplant, and the sexy new Kai make it to production sooner than later.

For Mazda, the Zoom-Zoom brand, driving has always mattered. But with the Kai and Vision Coupe concepts, going forward it appears that design is every bit as important. They’ve proven that affordable cars can also be lustworthy.

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Craig Cole
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