Patent Shows Mazda Has Its Eye on Active Aerodynamics

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

A new patent filed by Mazda with the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows the automaker may be interested in active aerodynamics.

The patent is fora deployable/retracting rear wing integrated into the rear taillights of a sportscar. The filing says “the invention relates to a rear structure of a vehicle provided with a rear lamp of the vehicle and a rectifying member, such as a rear spoiler, extending from a center in a vehicle width direction to an outer side in a right and left direction.”

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It’s not surprising to see that Mazda, a company known for innovation, is eyeing up active aerodynamics. The real shock here is the patent drawings. The taillights of the odd-looking vehicle in the drawings look awfully similar to those on the Mazda RX Vision Concept. If Mazda is indeed planning to put the RX Vision into production as a next-generation Rotary sports car, it seems possible it could arrive with an active aero system similar to what’s seen here. At the very least, we know Mazda is designing an active aero system to work with a taillight design similar to those on the RX Vision.

Perhaps we’ll see this active aero system debut on the Mazda rotary concept set to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month.

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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