Polestar Teases Its First Model With a Puzzle

Sebastien Bell
by Sebastien Bell

Polestar has been releasing numbered images, each featuring a different detail of its upcoming first model as a standalone brand.

Although little is known about the new model, set to debut on October 17, we now have some idea what it will look like.

So far, it looks as if the new car’s design won’t be an enormous departure from the designs of its former owner, Volvo. With crisp, clean lines and sharp-edged taillights, the new car will be distinctly Scandinavian.

Although the rest of the car is still hidden, Autocar points out that the tail is broadly similar to the Concept Coupe that Volvo showed in Frankfurt in 2013.

That makes even more sense considered against the reports that the Polestar will be a coupe. It’s also expected to make around 600 hp thanks to the T8 hybrid drivetrain, which pairs a 2.0-liter inline four to an electric motor.

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That’ll take some engineering since that drivetrain only makes a total of 400 hp. In its racing ventures, though, Polestar gets the same engine (with modifications, but the stock block) up to 400 hp, alone. With an uprated electric motor (that currently only makes 81 hp in the XC90), 600 total hp shouldn’t be too tall a task.

The car will benefit from Polestar’s racing history in more ways than one. Carbon fiber is expected to be used extensively, perhaps even more than on the company’s previous projects, like the S60 Carbon, which has a spoiler extension, side sills, and a front splitter all made of the stuff. Using carbon through the car–as more than just add-ons–would help lighten the car, whose two motors should weigh plenty.

When it all comes together, it should be a handsome and quick affair. Look for a full report, when it premieres on October 17.

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