Tesla’s Referral Credit Program will end Next Week

Tesla has announced it will end its $1,000 credit referral program for new Model S and Model X owners.

Tesla currently operates a system where existing Model S and Model X owners are provided with five referral codes, which can be given to their friends for a $1,000 credit and free unlimited supercharging with the purchase of a new Model S or Model X. The automaker has now said it will end the $1,000 credit referral program, however customers who placed an order using a referral code will still receive free unlimited supercharging.

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Those of you looking to buy a new Model S or Model X using a friend’s referral code have until October 31st to lock-in the purchase before the credit program ends. The referral program, introduced back in July 2015 prior to the launch of the Model X, was an experiment to see if selling vehicles through referrals was a viable alternative to opening more Tesla storefronts. Tesla doesn’t operate a traditional dealer model, instead electing to sell its vehicles directly to consumers through its storefronts and website.

Earlier this year, Tesla ended its free unlimited supercharging program for customers that did not use a referral code upon purchase. Those who purchased their vehicle before January 15th are still entitled to free supercharging through the automaker’s charging network, but new adopters, such as Model 3 buyers, will have to pay to use the network.

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