Top 10 Cars That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

Chidi Ohiaeri
by Chidi Ohiaeri

Driving around in a nice looking car usually means parting ways with a significant amount of your hard-earned cash.

Here are some vehicles that manage to look stylish and expensive without making you broke.

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Top 10 Cars That Look More Expensive Than They Actually Are

10. 2018 Acura TLX

Acura got a lot of flack over the previous TLX’s competent but plain design. The 2018 refresh brought a much-needed reinvigoration. A less controversial grille treatment, available fancy-looking paint choices, nice wheels, and new LED lighting signatures front and back totally transform this car from a Plain Jane to one a car that has a lot more swagger, and the more aggressive A-Spec model amps up the style even more. What makes it even more surprising is that the TLX starts at just $33,950 in the U.S. ($38,162 in Canada)*.

9. Chrysler 300

The 300 has a timeless and clean design. The 300’s strong character lines and bullish front fascia have aged well and a current refresh has kept its presence intact. Starting at just $33,435 in the U.S. ($42,690 in Canada), the big standard 18-inch wheels, imposing stature, polished chrome door and grille trim, as well as attractive LED headlights, makes this sedan look more expensive than its price suggests.

8. 2017 Honda Civic Coupe Touring

Honda’s recent designs have taken the industry by storm. The one vehicle that takes center stage in all of this is the Civic. Particularly in the Coupe Touring trim level, the Civic is a stunner and elements such as LED light treatments, swoopy body creases, funky wheel designs, and a tasteful use of exterior chrome add up to one hell of a visual package. This car costs just $20,125 in the U.S. ($21,512.50 in Canada) and is geared towards the masses. It makes you forget that once you look at it.

7. 2017 Mazda CX-5

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that a Mazda is on this list. A huge part of the CX-5’s reputation revolves around its handsome looks — it delivers premium looks that rival vehicles costing thousands more. Even a base CX-5 starting at $24,985 in the U.S. ($26,795 in Canada) comes standard with attractive LED headlights and gunmetal style wheels. We should also mention that most other Mazda models like the Mazda6, CX-9 and MX-5 RF also look more expensive than they actually are.

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6. 2017 Volvo XC90

Volvo has been on a roll lately with its designs and it all started with this very popular SUV. The XC90’s introduction showed the world Volvo was aiming to become the benchmark for outstanding automotive design. It mixes very straightforward but high-quality exterior elements to create a premium looking car, which, by the way, has a starting price of just $47,895 in the U.S. ($60,565 in Canada). There are way more expensive crossovers that can not hold a candle to this car’s attractiveness.

5. 2018 Infiniti Q60

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Infiniti Q60 is simply beautiful. The car’s swoopy lines and thin panel gaps make the car look unmistakably fancy. It’s a bonus that you can get it for as low as $39,945 in the U.S. ($47,985 in Canada). Just make sure you can get used to the attention from strangers unable to resist its good looks as you drive past.

4. 2017 Alfa Romeo 4C

With a low-slung stance, classic style Alfa wheels, tidy proportions, and crazy color options, the Alfa Romeo 4C fits the typical stereotype of a good-looking sports car. With unmistakably exotic Italian looks, people assume this is really expensive, but are always surprised to learn that it starts at just $57,495 in the U.S. ($68,990 in Canada). It could easily pass for something that costs six-figures.

3. 2017 Nissan Maxima

The Nissan Maxima’s simple touches like its floating roof, piano black trim pieces, and chrome door handles lend a premium vibe that doesn’t break the bank. Starting at just $33,495 in the U.S. ($36,150 in Canada), it is pretty much a bargain, especially if you are looking to make a statement.

2. 2018 Genesis G70

Genesis’ mandate for the G70 was to create a “desirable” and “sexy Korean car.” Well, it has succeeded with the upcoming G70 sedan. It looks like something that was created with the intention to stand out from the competition. Prices have yet to be announced, but we predict the pricing will reflect the Genesis MO of offering stunning vehicles at prices that reflect value for your money.

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1. 2018 Kia Stinger

Kia is a brand that is finally taking some risks with design. The upcoming Stinger with its cool exterior lighting elements, daring fastback design, Maserati-like rear end, and ready-to-play rear-drive profile is sure to make this car a huge success. An even more pleasant surprise came with the recent announcement that MSRP starts at $32,795 and maxes out at $50,395 (official Canadian pricing hasn’t been announced, but pricing will start at under $45,000 and the V6/AWD model will be the only one available).

*All pricing includes destination.

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