Buy It! This Datsun 240Z is No Kit Car

This isn’t just some lame kit cobbled up in somebody’s garage, instead, it’s a very cool kit cobbled up on somebody’s lawn.

Thank God it’s not another Ferrari 250 GTO kit, too many wonderful 240Zs have been lost thanks to the going rate of the sportscar in the 1980s. This is #2 of 3 cars built by Jack Atkinson as an homage to the IMSA Z car, named the “Primadonna”, it uses custom molds he built himself on his driveway. Nicknamed “JETTLAG” the car incorporates many design features found on IMSA race cars at the time, notably the Porsche 935.

This particular car is fitted with a small block Chevy engine, which was a popular swap to do to 240z at the time – a “Scarab” adapter allows the engine to fit onto the original 4-speed manual gearbox. Jack gave the molds to a friend in the 90s to make it into a real production body kit, but without the resources to do so the molds were destroyed, stopping the production at just 3 cars. Two other cars exist, a black one nicknamed “Prima Z”, and a red one missing since 1997 nicknamed “ZBAIT”, a making this possibly one of only two in existence. This car looks to be in awesome shape, but looking at old photos we can see that the wing is missing a few parts, so hopefully, the seller has those in his garage.

Find this weirdo here on Craigslist!