Buy It! This Mitsubishi Lancer Is Powered by a Turbo AMG Engine

Alex Reid
by Alex Reid
buy it this mitsubishi lancer is powered by a turbo amg engine

Mitsubishi was pretty hot on the rally circuit in the 1970s and a lot of what it learned in the dirt was translated into its road cars.

The Lancer GSR 1600 of 1974 was a repeat winner in the most grueling rally in the world at the time: the Safari Rally of Kenya, earning it the nickname King of Cars. This lowly 1982-1988 (the ad says 1979) Lancer started life as an already-sporty 1800 GSR, which would have pushed out 135 hp from its 1.8-liter turbo engine, but obviously, the owner wasn’t happy with that, so what was their solution?

Drop in an AMG-tuned 2.0L turbocharged dual overhead cam engine from a 1990s Mitsubishi Galant AMG, of course. What? Were you thinking, LS swap? Pshhh. BORING. Now it makes 170 hp and you get to tell your friends you drive an AMG. This is an absurdly clean build and one that we would be proud to take to the local cars and coffee or swing around a track.

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