It Looks Like Honda is Working on a New Mobility Concept


New patent drawings filed by Honda with the European Intellectual Property Office appear to reveal the design for an upcoming new mobility concept.

These filings were sent to the EUIPO on November 13th, but were published on November 28th. The patents are valid through to November 13th 2022, so if Honda ever does turn this design into a tangible concept, expect it to arrive before that time.

We don’t know much about this mysterious concept, but it appears to be a mobility concept of some sort. The filing also confirms it’s an electric vehicle, though that’s hardly surprising considering the futuristic, streamlined shape and the lack of a front intake grille. The filing also confirms it was designed by Honda designers Rafik Ferrag and Takuma Sugawara.

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This concept appears very similar to other mobility concepts we’ve seen and will probably also be self-driving. Like other concepts of this sort, it’s most likely a design study for a ride-sharing vehicle or another type of shared transport.

We’ll be keeping our eye out for this concept to make its debut sometime in 2018.

[Source: EUIPO]