Updated Ram Power Wagon Will Get a Classic Crosshair Grille

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

In addition to releasing a barrage of Ram 1500 special editions such as the Hydro Blue Sport, the folks at Ram also seem to be busy tweaking its HD brother.

Spy photographers have captured a prototype of a facelifted Ram Power Wagon. It appears the current HD-based Power Wagon will get another facelift before it moves to the new platform introduced by the upcoming 1500. Underneath camouflage, one can see a crosshair grille in place of the current handlebar mustache unit. This may simply be an option, with the existing grille offered as standard equipment.

The test mule’s camo also covers the headlights, suggesting some new light treatments and sheet metal are in the offing in an attempt to align it closer to the new Ram.

This prototype also wears a winch. Standard equipment on the current Power Wagon, the unit is a bit more robust than the one regular Joes can buy off the shelf or out of Warn’s catalog, with different armature and windings than stock winches.

Clearance lights stand proudly atop the cab, while a RamBox is blatantly obvious along its flanks. The wallpaper and natty rims (which are designed to look like gear cogs) appear unchanged. On this prototype, the exhaust tip has an odd trumpet flare. All other badging remains the same.

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We’ve seen spy shots of the upcoming Ram 1500, revealing some of its styling and a potential split tailgate. The 2500 appears to stay the course in terms of a traditional Ram mini-Freightliner look (at least for now).

The Power Wagon was initially produced from 1945 through 1980, and early trucks were based on the Weapons Carrier (WC) series of Dodge ¾-ton military-use trucks built during the Second World War. The Power Wagon went on to become a civilian vehicle, reintroduced in 2005, and now exists as an independent model in the Ram lineup. It looks as if this will remain the case for the next couple of years, at least.

Expect to see the 2500’s little brother, the Ram 1500, appear at the upcoming Auto Show in Detroit, wearing fresh sheetmetal.

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