3 Dodge Demons Get Called Back to the Underworld and Go up in Flames

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

Three Dodge Demons were destroyed this week after the Reliable carrier truck they were being transported in caught fire.

The story and photos were originally posted to a now-deleted thread on our forum, Hellcat.org. A user in the thread said Fiat Chrysler’s head of passenger cars in North America, Tim Kuniskis, called him personally to inform him that his car was one of three that was destroyed. Another one of the cars was also destined for Kuniskis himself. Allegedly, the three vehicles will all be quickly rebuilt under a new VIN code and delivered to their eager customers as soon as possible. Kunsikis also said the fire was sparked by the transporter itself, and not one of the cars.

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Ironically, one of the cars was built on Friday the 13th before later catching fire on Halloween. The only thing that could make this suspiciously diabolical tale even more devilish would be if one of the cars was VIN #666. Thankfully the owners affected by this situation haven’t missed out on their chance to own the Demon. Just 3,000 units of the street-legal drag machine will be built, so understandably, some soon-to-be-owners panicked when these images first surfaced online.

Let’s hope the devil doesn’t demand any more Demons be brought back to the underworld before their owners can take delivery.

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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