Top 10 Cars Hipsters Have Made Really Expensive

Top 10 Cars Hipsters Have Made Really Expensive

Hipsters are known to like bicycles more than cars, but some hipsters live in areas where owning a car is a necessity and vehicles like the Prius just don’t fit the bill anymore.

Retro is cool again and hipsters seem to love boxy cars. Hipsters have surprisingly good taste in cars it seems, which is bad for the rest of us who are now unable to afford them on the used market. Our news editor Sam McEachern calls it the “hipster tax.” Here are our picks for cars that have become really expensive, thanks to their popularity with hipsters.

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bmw e30

Boxy, stylish, and most certainly hip is the BMW E30. We might even argue the BMW E30 has become too mainstream in recent years to be considered a hipster car. But let’s face it, the E30 is the hipster BMW of choice.

Ford Bronco

1971 ford bronco

With a new Ford Bronco on the way, the older models are hipster bait now. Reliable and just stylish enough, older Ford Broncos have become very expensive on the used car market and it’s sad because we know none of the hipsters are taking them off-road.

Jeep Cherokee

1975 jeep cherokee

You might think the boxy Jeep Renegade is perfect for hipsters, but if we had to choose the best hipster car from Jeep, it would have to be the older Cherokee. The Jeep Grand Wagoneer also works, especially with those hip wood panelling.

Land Rover Defender

land rover defender

The Land Rover Defender is the ultimate hipster accessory, with its vintage styling that has changed very little over the decades. It’s like the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, but those are a bit too popular among celebrities. The Land Rover is a bit more obscure, which is perfect for hipsters.

Mercedes-Benz 190

mercedes-benz 190

Can you even imagine what hipsters think about modern Mercedes-Benz models? Especially when you’re comparing them to the ultra-cool 190. Those straight, boxy lines throughout the body of the 190 just scream hipster.

Air-Cooled Porsche 911

1980 porsche 930 turbo

Hipsters with cash to burn, this is your car. Air-cooled Porsche 911s have seen a massive inflation in their prices on the used car market over recent years. Why? That hipster tax we keep talking about. In fact, older air-cooled 911s might be harder to find and even more expensive than the BMW E30.

Saab 900

saab 900 turbo convertible

If there was any vehicle that shunned modern automobile styling, it’s the Saab 900. In fact, one could argue the Saab brand was as anti-culture as it gets, serving as a perfect car for hipsters looking for something unique. But that formula didn’t work very well for Saab, considering it doesn’t really exist these days.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

toyota fj cruiser

One of the more modern vehicles on the list, the now-discontinued Toyota FJ Cruiser was basically an attempt by Toyota to create a new generation of the FJ40 Land Cruiser. The funky and retro-looking FJ Cruiser has developed a cult-like following and has become unrealistically expensive on the used market.

Volkswagen Microbus

1969 volkswagen microbus

The Volkswagen Microbus might be the only vehicle on the list that doesn’t even need an explanation. It was originally loved by hippies and it’s now been embraced by the hipster crowd. Ironically, the Microbus is one of the most recognized vehicles of all time, and they’re surprisingly difficult to find on the used market.

Volvo 240

volvo 240 gl

The Volvo 240 might be the quintessential hipster car, especially in wagon form. Just picture one with ironic bumper stickers and the hubcaps removed and that’s basically the king of the Hipstermobile.