Top 10 Most Congested Cities In The World

Chidi Ohiaeri
by Chidi Ohiaeri

Traffic seems to be getting much worse around the world, with the average driver saying they spend about 32 hours per year stuck in traffic.

Using data from the 2016 Inrix Global Scorecard, the vehicle registration specialists over at RegTransfers have revealed the top 10 congested cities around the world.

Results were obtained by analyzing the average hours spent in congestion for 1064 cities in 38 countries, as well as the percent of time spent in traffic.

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10. Miami, Florida

This city known for its very busy nightlife comes in at the tail end of the list with 64.8 hours per year spent in congestion.

9. Paris, France

Next up is the capital of France, which deprives its driving citizens of 65.3 hours per year spent in congestion.

8. Atlanta, Georgia

Drivers in this city have to forfeit 70.8 hours of their time per year to deal with traffic.

7. London, England

Known for its famous long stretches of highways and intricate roundabouts, 73.4 hours per year can be expected to be used to deal with traffic.

6. Sao Paulo, Brazil

77.2 hours per year are spent in congestion in this tourist-rich city.

5. Bogota, Colombia

For a city with no well-developed subway system, this was bound to happen. 79.8 hours per year are spent in congestion and hopefully plans for a new elevated subway system expected to become available in 2022 come through soon enough.

4. San Francisco, California

89.4 hours per year are spent in congestion in this city with challenging roads with consistently changing elevations.

3. New York, USA

This one speaks for itself. With a current population of about 8.6 million and the pedestrian population constantly at odds with the driving population, its no wonder 89.4 hours per year are spent dealing with traffic.

2. Moscow, Russia

Drivers in Russia’s most populous city spend 91.4 hours per year in traffic. Anyone who’s seen a Russian dash cam compilation knows traffic is far from the only inconvenience Russian roads present to motorists.

1. Los Angeles, California

The word “traffic” is synonymous with living in L.A. at this point. It is the only city in the U.S. where it would be wise for drivers to add as much as 50 percent to their travel time anytime traffic is part of their route. 104.1 hours per year are spent in congestion and that number does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Oh, California.

(Source: Regtransfers)

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