Top 10 Reliable Cars That Are Also Fun to Drive

We rarely think of reliability and fun going hand-in-hand. The old British roadsters and Alfa Romeos memes exist for a reason, after all.

Have no fear, those looking for driving thrills without repair bill thrills. We’ve combed through the vaunted Consumer Reports reliability score rankings, finding vehicles that can be fun to drive while remaining reliable. Here are 10 vehicles that promise the best of both worlds.

Lexus GX

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The Lexus GX is a chrome-and-leather-laden vehicular dinosaur, with the current generation debuting way back in 2009. Unlike many more modern luxury SUVs, the GX has an old-school body-on-frame construction, making it a robust off-roader. Age has also proved the GX’s durability: Consumer Reports gives the Predator-faced SUV a perfect 100 reliability score.

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Mazda MX-5 Miata

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What do you know, the answer continues to be “Miata.” Mazda’s evergreen little roadster (or, as pictured above, folding hardtop RF) is as fun as it is reliable. With a 2019 bump in horsepower to 181 hp, it’s plenty quick, but retains that sweet balance that’s made the Miata a favorite for 30 years. Did we mention this is also one of the most affordable ways into a droptop in the new-car market? CR gave the 2022 model a predicted 88 out of 100 on the reliability scale.

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Hyundai Tucson

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Hey, we’re serious. The Hyundai Tucson is CR’s top-ranked compact crossover, and we find the radical-looking SUV smooth, enjoyable ride, especially in hybrid form. If you want something with more visual pizazz, there’s also the gas-only N Line model.

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Acura TLX

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Acura gave the TLX a stylish remodel for 2021. The mid-sized sedan maintains a high reliability ranking amongst the luxury segment, topping the class with an 87 score from CR. In late 2021, Acura revived the hot Type S model, which starts from $53,345 ($61,875 CAD).

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Subaru Crosstrek

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Subaru’s smallest crossover is its most reliable model. The little Crosstrek is a tough sub-compact, with more off-road readiness than most in its class. With the addition of the brand’s larger 2.5-liter flat-four, it finally has the power it’s always deserved, too.

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Mazda CX-9

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Who says you have to give up driving enjoyment with a family vehicle? Certainly not Mazda. The automaker’s largest crossover is still a fun drive, with feelsome steering and a powerful turbocharged engine. Even better: this top-rated mid-sizer starts from just $35,335 ($42,700 CAD).

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Mini Countryman

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It might not be quite so mini anymore, but the Mini Countryman retains the brand’s fun-to-drive attitude in the bigger, more practical shape the market demands. With a range of powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engines and AWD, the Countryman tops its class with an 82 score on the CR reliability chart.

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Honda Accord

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For decades now, the Honda Accord has asked a very real question: do you need that luxury sedan? The latest iteration of the mid-sizer oozes class, with a grown-up drive, acres of space, and plenty of gadgets. Want a fuel-sipper? There’s a hybrid model. Want something with a real verve to it? The 2.0T Sport is the answer. Pricing starts from $26,485 ($35,020 CAD).

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Ford Bronco Sport

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Consider the BroSpo a curveball. Ford’s little soft-roader technically doesn’t rank quite yet, on account of it being all-new for 2021. However, it does score a high overall rating from Consumer Reports, and the company predicts the Bronco Sport “will be much more reliable than the average new car.” We dig the Blue Oval rig’s cute-yet-tough looks and serious off-road chops.

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Toyota Supra

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If you simply must have a two-door coupe, Toyota has you covered with the current Supra. According to Consumer Reports, the sports car co-developed with BMW is the most reliable of the breed out there. A powerful inline-six cylinder engine produces 382 hp—probably more, let’s be honest—and there’s also a lighter four-cylinder model for those on a budget. 

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Recent Updates: 

November 23, 2021 – Revamped list based on current rankings and new cars.

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