Get Yourself an Almost Completed Tesla Model S Limo for the Holidays

There’s a Tesla Model S limo that is 90 percent complete for sale on eBay.

The conversion comes from Big Limos, a company that specializes in building custom limousines. Listed on eBay with only 150 miles on the odometer, Big Limos says the conversion is 90 percent complete and that it could be finished for an additional fee. It was originally built as an advertisement project and the company has been working on it for two years without any support from Tesla.

According to Autoblog, the Tesla Model S limo conversion has been tricky due to it being an electric vehicle, and Big Limos estimates the cost of the conversion is as high as $200,000.

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The listing says it’s a 2015 Tesla Model S 85 and the conversion has been done with all aluminum. “This vehicle has tons of potential to become whatever the new owner has in mind,” it reads on the eBay listing. “We are selling the vehicle as is without a warranty.”

[Source: eBay via Autoblog]

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