Gifts for People Who Like Race Cars and Race Car Accessories

Gifts for People Who Like Race Cars and Race Car Accessories

Racing is an obsessive sport filled with obsessive people who compulsively obsess about racing.

A myriad of granular details preoccupy the racer’s brain: apex eating, downshifting, trail-braking, car setup, sponsorship decals, and pre-race rituals — how do you give a gift to someone like that?

By using our equally obsessive gift guide!

Racing Art

Not all of us can emulate Nelson Piquet’s sense of style and hang a championship winning Williams-Honda in our living room, however, there are more affordable options for those with gasoline tainted blood. Linear Edge sells innovative and unique wall sculptures for motorsport enthusiasts. The company now sells 3D and engraved track maps, but their original 2D pieces made of 26 layers of Baltic birch are the ones you want, look they even have Mosport!

Racing Tickets

No matter how much the local rental karts inflate our own sense of personal skill, there’s nothing quite like watching a weekend of professional racing to make you realize how good you aren’t. Depending on geography, gift givers can choose between Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, Pirelli World Challenge, or IMSA.

Racing Merchandise

If this was my shopping list, I’d really just want one of those Michelin hats they give to Le Mans winners, but someone else might appreciate a pair of Ferrari sneakers, a Williams Martini Racing windbreaker, or a Mercedes-AMG Project 1.

Racing School

It’s one thing to be “pretty good at Forza 7” but it’s an altogether different beast to keep your nose clean running three-wide in traffic, barrelling towards Turn 1, in a car that will cost real money to repair if you throw it at the wall.

That’s where racing school comes in. There are manufacturer programs like the Ford Performance Racing School or the Porsche Sport Driving School, but you can also opt for hardcore courses like the Bridgestone Academy, the Allen Berg Racing School, Jim Russel’s Race Car Programs, the Bondurant School, or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, Team O’Neil’s 5-day rally course.

Racing Kart

Get that budding racing career underway with a competition-spec racing kart. Choices include Birel, Tony Kart, CRG, Kosmic, and Energy, among others. Most high-level karts are sold as a rolling chassis, meaning you’ll need to procure yourself either a Briggs or a Rotax engine, but most local kart shops will be able to sort you out. Or you could just go the craigslist route.