Honda Files Patent Application for a New Kind of Front Air Dam

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

A Honda patent application for a new, unique kind of air dam that could be used on a variety of vehicles.

According to the filing, the design is for a strong air dam with hollow structural crossbeam members. The design allows for an intake to be more rigid, improving the structural strength of a front bumper. The hollow crossbeams feature zig-zag patterned supports inside, which allow for the intake grille to be both strong and lightweight. The filing also says some intake designs can cause a whistling sound at speed, and this intake could potentially address that problem as well.

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Oddly, the vehicle Honda decided to use to demonstrate how the air dam would work was none other than its NSX supercar. While the automaker says the design could be implemented on a range of different vehicles, it’s interesting to see them using its most high-performance model as an example. With rumors of an NSX Type R being developed, it’s possible we could see a similar grille design on the model if it were to come to fruition. Though with the NSX returning relatively small sales figures, Honda may not even be seriously considering an NSX Type R.

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Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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