Challenger Hellcat Widebody Does 174 MPH With a Christmas Tree on its Roof

To get you in the holiday spirit, Hennessey Performance has strapped a Christmas tree to the roof of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat Widebody.

Getting their hands on a Challenger Hellcat Widebody from Dodge, the folks at Hennessey installed a suction cup mount roof rack from Sea Sucker and picked up a Christmas tree from Lowe’s. From there, it was time to visit the Continental Tire test track in Texas to see just how fast the Challenger Hellcat Widebody could go with the Christmas tree on top.

The American sports car doesn’t have much issues getting to 170 mph, but it takes quite a bit more distance to reach the top speed of 174 mph with the tree. It’s nothing official or anything, but Hennessey is claiming the title of World’s Fastest Christmas Tree.

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It’s unlikely we will see someone try to best Hennessey’s top speed in a similar challenge, but wouldn’t it be nice if this was the start of a holiday tradition? Even if it’s just Hennessey trying to go faster and faster each year with a Christmas tree stuck on top of a sports car?

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