2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class Leaks in Full Ahead of Debut

The new 2019 Mercedes-Benz G-Class has leaked online ahead of its debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit this month. 

These images come courtesy of Chinese automotive site They show the exterior of the new G-Class in its entirety, revealing its revised front grille and fascia, new headlights, smoothed over rear end and new rear bumper. The interior adopts some styling cues from other Mercedes vehicles, like the turbine air vents and center console touchpad, but looks appropriately rugged compared to rest of its product portfolio.

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Mercedes also released some more information on the new G-Class yesterday. The automaker says the vehicle will come with three 100-percent differential locks, a low-range gear ratio and its 9G Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission. The chassis is a ladder-type frame with independent double-wishbone front suspension and rigid rear axle with four longitudinal control arms and a Panhard rod. There will also be a new ‘G-Mode’ driving mode, which will tell the transmission to hold onto gears longer, adjust the damping of the chassis and change the steering feel to help improve off-road capability. The vehicle will enter the mode on its own when one of the three differential locks is engaged or the low-range gearbox is turned on.

We’ll learn all we need to know about the all-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class when it debuts later this month in Detroit.

[Source: AutoHome via Motor1]

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Ottoknut says:

I could make a better looking SUV out of Lego blocks, but I suppose the G-Wagen is not about being pretty. Of course, if it’s like it’s predecessors, it’ll also be over-priced, unreliable compared to it’s competition, and ridiculously expensive to maintain. Give me a Land Cruiser.

Richard Joash Tan says:


Ottoknut says:

And how about you don’t use this forum to insult people.

Skye says:

Still ugly after all these years. Reminding of grandma Totyota box SUV

Richard Joash Tan says:


K03sport says:

These are obviously not leaks; we should know this by now. The PR departments do this stuff
on purpose to draw attention to the vehicle prior to the public, in-the-flesh release to drum up more traffic and bring relevance to the product. If it is a PR stunt, and is in fact a bumble by the ad agency, then why aren’t people getting fired and companies being sued for divulging privileged information ahead of a targeted date; much like the embargoes placed on new car reviews to not announce pricing, features, and other certain information.

Lambo9871 says:

I love the way it looks, some cars just have never dying looks for example. Lada Niva UAZ Hunter 1970 Dodge Challenger

Lambo9871 says:

Oh yeah forgot to mention Jeep Wrangler.

Richard Joash Tan says:

And the Porsche 911.

Ottoknut says:

I never realized that the Nivas looked that good. We only got the early ones in Canada about 20-30 years ago. They were pretty awful in the reliability department. The UAZ is also pretty cool looking. Much better than the G-Wagen.

Richard Joash Tan says:

But the G-Class is the best looking! Stupid people. I am being surrounded by idiots like you.