Baby NSX Would Be Great, But It’s Not Happening, Acura Exec Says

“Who wouldn’t love a baby NSX?” Those were the words of Emile Korkor, brand leader for Acura, and we agree. Who wouldn’t love that?

Acura, apparently.

The brand leader for Acura says that a baby NSX would be fantastic, but there is nothing on the horizon. He did say that Acura is always looking to expand the brand’s hybrid technology and that it’s being used less for the purpose of fuel efficiency and more for performance.

Korkor praises the development of hybrid technology for supercars. “Mainstream mechanical is too easy,” he says. “Hybrid technology was a different take on a supercar of this degree and the benefits of the unconventional drivetrain were really incredible.” The hybrid powertrain was a unique way for Acura to bring the NSX supercar back to market and make it just as innovative as the original — but in a different way.

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Patent drawings, sightings of prototypes, and the trademark of the name “ZSX” suggest that maybe the horizon is just a little farther than we can see right now because there’s too much going on with Acura’s performance technology to make us believe that it won’t become a reality. Despite what Korkor says, we still believe that baby NSX is on its way.

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