Buy It! This Audi Ur Quattro Needs No Introduction

Alex Reid
by Alex Reid

In the 80s, Audi was the king of rallying, and it was all because of Quattro. Every Audi available today owes its life to the Ur-Quattro and the Quattro Sport.The first Audi Quattro rally car (sometimes called Ur Quattro, “Ur” being the German word for original) was the brand’s foray into 4-wheel drive sports cars, which coincided nicely with Group B rally rules changing to allow 4 wheel drive cars to enter, and Audi cleaned up for the next 2 years because of the Quattro. The 1985 Model featured a 2.1L turbocharged engine making just 160hp in the US/Canadian market, fitted to a 5-speed transmission, sending power to all 4 wheels and sitting on fully independent suspension all around.

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This 1985 Audi Ur-Quattro is one of the last of the 18 cars officially imported into North America, states the seller. The car was prepped by Frank Sprongel, who was a Canadian Rally Champion. In the mid-90s the car received over $30k of work, and a particular boost in performance with 245 hp to the wheels, 85 more than stock. This is a super cool and rare car, and if you were a child of the 80s growing up watching these fly over dirt and snow, this is a rare opportunity to own one.

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Alex Reid
Alex Reid

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