The Ferrari 488 'GTO' Will Have At Least 700 HP

Sam McEachern
by Sam McEachern

The hardcore version of the Ferrari 488 GTB, which is currently being referred to as the 488 GTO, will have at least 700 horsepower on tap when it arrives later this year.

Information on the track-focused version of the 488 has leaked out through slides that were shown at a recent Ferrari dealer meeting. They indicate the 458 Speciale Successor will feature a reworked version of the 488 Challenge raceccar’s twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8, which will offer the highest power increase over the donor car for a special series Ferrari. The 458 Speciale had an extra 35 hp on the 458, and if you gave the 488 an extra 35 hp, you’d have a 696 hp car. In other words, the 488 ‘GTO’ will make at least 700 horsepower. Whoa.

Plenty of weight will also be stripped from the 488 in moving to the GTO. It will have a carbon fiber front bumper, rear bumper and hood, along with a carbon-intensive cabin with aluminium floors. There will also be new alloy wheels, which are 40% lighter than those found on the 488 GTB and will be wrapped in extra-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber. Reworked aerodynamics will also aid in overall performance and will include a front S-duct, a 488 GTE-inspired rear diffuser and a carbon rear spoiler.

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Other performance additions will include a new version of Ferrari’s Sideslip Management system, a new ‘race gearshift strategy’ (whatever that means) and an ‘extremely direct steering ratio’.

As confirmed by AutoGuide, Ferrari will debut the 488 ‘Special Series Coupe’, as it’s referred to internally, later this year as a 2018 model year vehicle. We’re expecting it to show up at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show in March.

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[Source: Ferrari Club Alberta]

Sam McEachern
Sam McEachern

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  • Jack Woodburn Jack Woodburn on Jan 19, 2018

    700 A JEEP already has a few more pony's than do several other FCA makes at a fraction of the cost of a prancing horse. That kinda HP is primarily used for stop light to stop light macho drag races or shredding tires in massive burnouts. So again, what's the big deal with announcement?

  • K03sport K03sport on Jan 19, 2018

    Ferrari, please bring back the 288GTO. I know your model schema is to make each car better than the previous and give it a bigger number, but you are WRONG w/the 488GTO. 700hp is just stupid and out of character for you. The 288GTO was a better car and will always be my favorite. Make the 488GTO a 288GTO-Gen2 as I feel you would have more success at that then the current plan for the 488. Yours truly, some random dude on the internetz. Ciao.