9 Things to Know About the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado: The Short List

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An all-new Chevrolet Silverado is set to launch for 2019 and here are nine important things to know about this all-American pickup.

If there was a theme to this year’s Detroit auto show it was undoubtedly trucks. New rigs from Ram, Ford and of course, Chevrolet made headlines in Motown. Has there ever been a time when ALL three Detroit automakers introduced a new pickup at the same time? We can’t remember.

Anyway, let’s dive into the 2019 Silverado. Here are some of its most significant attributes.


9. Heavy Hauling

First up, heavy hauling. One important attribute engineers focused on with this rig is versatility, and they made big improvements in several key areas. For starters, the Silverado’s bed should provide best-in-class cargo volume since the width was increased by almost seven inches at its broadest point. Additionally, you’ll be able to get 12 fixed tie-downs points and an additional nine movable ones. Lockable in-bed storage bins are also available.

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8. Clever Touches

But there’s a bevy of other clever touches to talk about as well, which is point No. 8. The new truck will offer a class-exclusive power-up-and-down tailgate. There are little storage cubbies hidden in the rear seatbacks and they even made the corner-step bumper cutouts bigger to better accommodate steel-toe boots.

7. Enhanced Toughness

Next, this truck ought to be tougher than ever. Further poking holes in the F-150’s aluminum cargo box, the 2019 Silverado’s bed floor has been made of even higher-strength steel, increased from 340 to 500 megapascals. In simple terms, it should resist unexpected damage even better than before.

6. EXTENSIVE Testing

Let’s talk durability. Chevy wants to prove it builds the strongest pickups around and the 2019 Silverado has been extensively tested. Supposedly, many key validation metrics used by engineers were DOUBLED with this model. That makes the new Silverado General Motors’ most exhaustively evaluated vehicle ever. In total, it’s racked up some 7 million miles of real-world testing.

5. Power to the People!

Ensuring it can tow and haul with the best around, six powertrain options will be available for 2019, including updated versions of GM’s venerable 5.3- and 6.2-liter V8s. No output figures have been published, but those small blocks will be equipped with a new technology called Dynamic Fuel Management, which can shut down any number of cylinders whenever necessary to reduce consumption.

This is a production version of a technology called Dynamic Skip Fire that was developed by supplier company Delphi in conjunction with another firm called Tula, though GM did a lot of tuning and calibration work here. I actually tested this system last summer and was blown away by it by how effective it was. Read the full story by clicking the link below.

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4. A Diesel Will be Offered

Moving along, there’s even more powertrain news to talk about! Aside from those two V8 engines, an economical 3.0-liter diesel will also be offered, one that happens to be of the inline-six configuration. This engine, along with the 6.2 will be paired with an efficient new 10-speed automatic gearbox.

3. Model Availability

Next up, model availability. Appealing to white-collar commuters, general contractors and practically everyone in between, the 2019 Silverado will be offered in eight different trim levels, from value-focused Work Truck to Cadillac-rivalling High Country.

2. Comfort

Point No. 2 is comfort, which has been increased dramatically. Interior space has grown in ALL body styles thanks to a longer wheelbase and body, but Crew-Cab models should gain the most, an additional three inches of rear-seat room. Go ahead, stretch those legs!

1. Thank You, Richard Simmons!

But arguably the biggest news about this new truck is that it’s gone on a MASSIVE diet. Comparing crew-cab, V8 models, the truck has lost up to 450 pounds! Mixed-materials construction was critical to achieving this impressive weight loss. Rather than betting the farm on aluminum like a rival company did several years ago engineers used carefully selected materials in specific areas. For instance, the fully boxed frame is 80 percent high-strength steel and 88 pounds lighter than before. The body’s safety cage is made of seven different grades of steel, while all the swing panels – doors, hood and tailgate – are aluminum. Composite second-stage leaf springs are even offered on LT models and higher that save about 12 pounds per side.

So, there you go, that’s what’s shakin’ with the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. You can look for it to start arriving at dealerships in the fall.

What do you think of this pickup, especially compared to the new Ram 1500 that also debuted in Detroit? Which one is a bigger deal? Leave a comment below and make sure to check out our video on that new Ram!

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