Right Hand Drive Ford F-150 Raptor has Come to Dominate London’s Streets


A right-hand drive Ford F-150 Raptor has popped up for sale in London, offering UK residents a rare opportunity to own the hulking piece of Americana.

The RHD conversion was performed on the Raptor by an Australian partner of the London-based dealership that’s selling it, Clive Sutton. The dealership promises the truck is”converted to a standard pretty much indistinguishable from the factory product,” and the photos appear to back this up. All of the interior features of the left-hand drive Raptor have been carried over in the RHD conversion, so there’s really no catch here.

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Clive Sutton says it can sell customers an RHD converted Raptor in both Supercab (pictured) and Crew Cab body styles. It seems the smaller Supercab bodystyle would be a bit of a bother on London’s tight streets and in compact parking garages, so we can’t imagine how inconvenient the Crew Cab would be. Then again, in the Raptor, there’d be nothing stopping you from pulling off the M1 and cutting through some farmer’s fields to get around a traffic jam.

British customers looking to get into this big blue pickup will have to fork over £89,950 for the opportunity, or about $127,000 USD. It’s a lot of money, but you’ll probably be the only guy in the country with a new RHD Raptor. In London, this thing would be a rarer site than a Bugatti Veyron.

Check out the listing here.

[Source: The Telegraph]

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