Subaru Viziv Performance STI Concept is Awesome, But Don’t Get Excited


Does the Subaru Viziv Performance STI Concept really preview the next WRX STI?

Introduced at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, the Viziv Performance STI Concept is supposed to hint at what the next-generation Subaru WRX STI might look like, but you’d be wise to tone down your expectations. In recent years, the Japanese automaker has created some awesome-looking concepts, only to disappoint fans with production models that have extremely conservative styling.

While the concept features many elements that make it appealing to enthusiasts, the production model will likely look nothing like it, even though Subaru has said that it will be heavily influenced by the concept.

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We hope Subaru bucks tradition by designing an aggressively styled production car. At last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the company debuted the Viziv Concept, which is what the Viziv Performance STI Concept is based on. The Viziv Concept is widely believed to preview the next-generation Impreza, and the company’s design chief has even said he’s eager to see certain design themes carry over to the production model.

The next-generation Subaru Impreza isn’t due until 2020, so for now all we can do is just hope that Subaru, for once, follows the concept’s design for production.

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