The Rimac One isn’t the Only Supercar Richard Hammond Recently Destroyed

Richard Hammond is starting to develop a reputation for ruining really expensive supercars.

The Grand Tour host has now famously crashed and destroyed a Rimac One, but it appears that’s not the only thing co-hosts Jeremy Clarkson and James May will be making fun of this season on the show. If you’ve been following The Grand Tour‘s second series, you probably have already heard about the story – but in case you don’t have an Amazon Prime Video account, here’s what you’re missing out on.

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In presenting their “Nigel Awards,” Clarkson presented the “for accidentally filling up the petrol tank of a supercar with water award,” which went to Richard Hammond. For those that watched the episode, you may have noticed that Hammond’s movie had him in two different McLaren 720S supercars. That’s because he destroyed one of them by putting water in the gas tank. And when did Hammond realize his mistake? “It was when the engine sort of let go,” he says.

So far, Hammond is two for two on destroying supercars he’s driven, and at this rate, he may be reserved to reviewing cars like the Volkswagen Up GTI, although currently those honors go to Captain Slow.

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