Genesis’ Unique Approach to Luxury Focuses on Humans and Culture


Genesis is a new automaker that’s taking a different approach to representing itself. Instead of focusing on exclusivity, motorsports, or over-the-top publicity stunts, the automaker is setting itself apart by focusing on a human element: Culture.

“Luxury is about more than product,” Manfred Fitzgerald, the Global Head of Genesis, told at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto. “It’s about quality, and the ability to feel special, but it’s also about a human interface, the relationship between us and the customer.”

He added that the company has a global team and a global spirit. “We want to put culture ahead of all our moves,” he said.

How is this done? Fitzgerald describes a plan to use the Genesis brand to showcase up-and-coming artists, musicians, and culinary experiences. He adds that it could be in a place like New York, “a cultural melting pot that’s perfect to associate the brand with.”

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Seeing how the automaker recently got its hands on a prime piece of New York real estate last month, it seems like Fitzgerald’s plan is coming to fruition. He provides another example: the brand recently launched the G70 sport sedan in Korea. It was important to launch it in this region, he explained, because Genesis has Korean roots and Koreans are proud of their cultural identity.

Genesis celebrated the launch with a huge music festival for about 15,000 showgoers all eager to see the headliner, Gwen Stefani, alongside other music superstars Andra Day and CL, a Korean songwriter, singer, and rapper. Fitzgerald explained that doing all of this in Korea was a one-time celebration, as Genesis doesn’t plan to beat people over the head with messaging about its origin story like some other brands do. 

This concept of incorporating culture will likely continue with future product launches. Music and art are great ways to do that and it helps to start in places that are already focal points of culture, like New York City. Genesis is already making great cars and we are eager to see if this unique approach will help the brand connect with more customers.

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nauticalone Ed says:

I’ve gotta say I’m impressed with Genesis! Especially this new G70 and the G80.

Lionel Arnold says:

Less talk and more show……me the car. I like what I see and I would have wanted to see more.

kaffekup says:

Click on the link for First Drive and review in the middle of the article.

Raymond A Ptak says:

Front of the car is ugly. Car makers are copying the Toyota Vacuum cleaner front Ala Lexus,Camry etc

sonata54 X says:

Love the front end as well as the side profile and rear fascia!…These NEW Genesis models G70,G80,G90 HAVE A VERY DISTINCTIVE PREMIUM LOOK AND FEEL ABOUT THEM!…AND THEIR INTERIORS ARE VERY ERGONOMIC AND ATTRACTIVE, AND MUCH BETTER EXECUTED THAN ANYTHING FROM Toyota/Lexus, Nissan/Infiniti, Honda/Acura!!!!!…Just test drove a NEW 2018 Camry XSE to see what all the fuss was about,…Nice car!…But I still can’t get over the “WHALE-MOUTH” FRONT ENDS OF THE NEW TOYOTA’S/LEXUS’S…UGLY!!!!!

YUGE says:

Nice looking car.

Perry F. Bruns says:

Genesis is not a new automaker. They’re a division of Hyundai that grew out of a couple of models in the line-up a few years ago.